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Hi everyone,
January is National Mentoring Month. I would not be the man I am without my mentors for guidance. The value they provide to your life just cannot be measured monetarily.

I recently joined Big Brothers & Big Sisters to give back to my community. The foundation means a lot to me because I had older brothers who were not there for me, and I saw the ripple effects that can have on a family.

Please consider any donations to our organization, anything can help; if not that is cool too :). The donations go towards supporting our match specialists. Feel free to check out the organization and see some of the cool things we do. Let me know if you have any questions.

Empower Resilience (SAM)

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  • Cincinnati OH
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About This Campaign

We are a team of Big Brothers and Big Sisters throughout Greater Cincinnati who want to celebrate the success of our own matches by raising funds to MAKE NEW MATCHES!

None of us are fundraising pros so we’re grateful for any donations.  Every $1,200 raised covers the cost of BBBSGC making one new match and sustaining it for a year.  It would be amazing if every Big Brother or Big Sister in this campaign could raise enough money to make at least one new match!


We’ve all had to adjust to a world no one could have predicted: a pandemic, social unrest and economic uncertainty.  It has been a challenge for the strongest of us.  Despite the obstacles our Little Brothers and Little Sisters were facing long before the pandemic, there’s one thing they’ve shown us.  THEY ARE RESILIENT! 

While some people say 2020 changed everything, the vital role Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati plays in providing support to at-risk children and their families has not changed a bit.  Bigs continue to find innovative ways to stay connected to their Littles.  The staff members are not only supporting Bigs and Littles but also helping families connect with the resources they need to survive – and thrive.  BBBSGC's ability to provide supportive services and community connections, while inspiring hope, has become more critical than ever.  

We hope you will consider making an investment to continue to EMPOWER RESILIENCE IN OUR LITTLES

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